Sleep Apnea Products Make A Big Difference

There are few things as frustrating as being tired but not being able to get good rest. It is hard to lay down in bed exhausted and still not be able to get good quality sleep that has you waking up in the morning refreshed. For people who suffer from sleep apnea this is a normal occurrence.

Sleep apnea is when the breathing stops for a moment during sleep, and it happens at least five times an hour during sleep. This leads to reduced oxygen to the brain and causes many problems common to sleep deprivation besides the increased risk of stroke, heart attack and premature death.

Treating sleep apnea can be done in many different ways. Understanding that in obstructive sleep apnea the problem is that the structures in the mouth relax and obstruct the airway makes it clear that there are a number of things that might help solve this problem.

Some sleep apnea products you can find to help your treat your condition include:



There are a number of good books written on the subject that can help to educate you about what exactly is happening when you sleep and the possible reasons why it is happening. They offer tips and information that will help you deal with the issue armed with knowledge and information about other people’s experience.

Sleep Apnea Pillows

When you sleep on your back you are in the worst position for opening your airway. You might move to a better position but find that you roll back onto your back during your sleep. Sleep apnea pillows are designed to help you stay in the best position for breathing, elevated or on your side.

CPAP Devices

This is the most important tool for treating sleep apnea. It is a small machine connected to a mask which keeps your airway open by supplying a continuous flow of air during inhalation. This is a very effective treatment measure.

Throat Sprays And Nose Strips

These are supposed to act mostly toward stopping snoring but might also help to clear the air passageway.

Mouth Piece

Worn in the mouth, this device positions your jaw in such a way that your airway is more open. It increases space in the throat in the same way some surgeries do, by moving your lower jaw forward.

Using some of these sleep apnea products along with making any lifestyle changes recommended by your doctor, such as losing weight, quitting alcohol, smoking and taking muscle relaxants can greatly reduce or eliminate your sleep apnea and have you sleeping well through the night every night once again. They are much less expensive and easier than surgical methods and are recommended to be tried as a first option. Talk to your doctor about what is recommended for you and start getting good quality, feeling well rested and reducing your chance of life threatening complications.

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