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Maintaining The Right Position: Sleep Apnea Pillow 

Knowing that you don’t breathe regularly at night can be frightening. Although you may not even know it is happening, when someone sees you struggling for air, or you are tested and diagnosed with sleep apnea, you are in a position that you know that every time you go to sleep you will likely have episodes where you stop breathing. This can be worrisome and make sleeping even more difficult for you.

It is bad enough waking up not feeling rested and spending the day feeling sleepy. It is hard for you to have energy to go about your daily business and even your personal life can suffer. You might experience headache or other problems, but the worst of it is that this is not the worst of it.

There are some very serious potential effects of sleep apnea. You have an increased risk for high blood pressure and stroke. It is also thirty percent more likely that you will suffer a heart attack or die prematurely. So we are talking about a life threatening condition!

Fortunately there are a number of things you can do to get rid of your sleep apnea. First of all, be aware that obesity is a problem. When you are overweight your muscles do not function properly and the other structures in the mouth are not toned either. This makes it more likely that you will obstruct your airway during sleep. Losing weight decreases the incidence of this happening.

Also, smoking and drinking contribute to the problem. Getting rid of these bad habits can make a big difference in your health in so many ways, including reducing your sleep apnea.

Another very easy thing you can do to help with your condition is to get a sleep apnea pillow. Sleeping slightly elevated, at a thirty degree angle or so keeps your airways more open. A sleep apnea pillow facilitates sleeping at this level.

Another type of sleep apnea pillow is one that works for another good position for sleeping. Laying flat on your back is the worst position for sleep apnea. Therefore if you can stay on your side while sleeping you are in a better position to get more breaths in. The problem is that when you sleep you switch positions easily.

Sleep apnea pillows can help you to stay sleeping on your side by creating a cushion that you rest against which makes it difficult to turn on your back. There are also shirts that create the same effect.

If you have sleep apnea you are no doubt ready to get some decent rest. A sleep apnea pillow can help you to do that and is one of the simplest and least expensive steps you can take toward breathing properly at night.

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