A Sleep Apnea Machine†And Itís Purpose

From the time you were a newborn your mother worried that you might stop breathing in your sleep. As a baby maybe you did stop breathing for a few seconds, then gasping for air, recovered your breath. This is a frightening experience for new parents, but not an uncommon one. However, when this type of breathing disorder is repeated and continual it can be much scarier.

Sleep apnea is more common in older people than in children and babies, but the idea is the same as what happens very occasionally with small babies. The body, for some reason or another, stops breathing, skipping one or more breaths before starting again.

One of the common reasons for this disorder is that the body relaxes too much and the muscles of the mouth and throat are too weak to continue supporting all the tissue. This makes it easy for a collapse which obstructs the airway and stops breathing for a short time. When this happens five or more times in a minute it is known as obstructive sleep apnea.

The solution to the problem of sleep apnea is to make it so the body continues to breathe and there is not collapse that causes an obstruction. It is possible to have surgery to tighten and adjust structures in the area, but a more common method is to use a sleep apnea machine during the night.

What a sleep apnea machine does is open up the airway with a flow of air pressure, which does not allow it to become blocked. The continuous positive airway pressure machine, or sleep apnea CPAP machine, does just this. It helps open the airways by providing a constant flow of air pressure during inhalation.

Using a sleep apnea CPAP is a very effective method for solving nighttime breathing disorders. Of course it can be difficult to get used to being connected to a machine and wearing a mask while you sleep, but you can get used to it and it will help you get good sleep, finally!

There is another type of sleep apnea machine that is used for people with a more severe case of sleep apnea. It is known as a BiPAP and the difference between it and the sleep apnea CPAP machine is that it works during both inhalation and exhalation.

If you are in need of a sleep apnea machine to help you breath properly during the night you will surely do so under your doctorís guidance. He or she can give you all the information you need about using the machine and suppliers of the machine can also help you know how to get the right fit for your mask to make it as comfortable as possible.

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