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Sleep Apnea Oxygen†Machines

There is no question that humans have a few fundamental needs that have to be met in order for us to function properly physically. These include food, oxygen and sleep. We all absolutely must have all three of these, and if we donít get enough of any of the three we suffer for it in any of a number of ways.

With the breathing sleep disorder sleep apnea two of those fundamental needs are disturbed. First of all not enough oxygen is inhaled during sleep and it is difficult or impossible to get a good amount of quality sleep because of it. Because of the dangers posed by the reduction in the amount of these two necessary elements of life, sleep apnea needs to be diagnosed and treated as early as possible.

With sleep apnea oxygen does not make it to the brain in sufficient quantities because either an obstruction or chemical problem keeps the airways from being open or otherwise prevent breathing for periods off and on throughout the night. This causes a number of problems and can lead to stroke or heart problems besides the expected and problematic issues that come with lack of sleep.

Of course the solution to the problem of sleep apnea is to make it so that the airway does not become blocked so that regular breathing can take place. Some ways to do this is to make lifestyle changes such as losing weight or cutting back on substances that can affect the airway and breathing such as alcohol, smoking and muscle relaxants.

More proactive methods of treating the disorder include sleep apnea oxygen machines. These machines are worn by a mask over the nose and mouth which provides a regular stream of oxygen. The machine is known as CPAP, which stands for continuous positive airway pressure.

The CPAP and similar BiPAP and APAP sleep apnea oxygen machines gently force the airway to remain open by providing air pressure which prevents the structures in the mouth from collapsing and creating an obstruction to breathing.

It may not be easy to sleep with a mask covering your face at first, but it is easy to become used to it and once you do, you can feel the difference in the quality of your sleep. Also, in order to insure that the mask is as comfortable as possible, be sure you get one that fits properly and has the right seal. Talk to your doctor or retailer and research online if you are having problems with sleep apnea oxygen machines.

Getting enough oxygen and enough sleep are two things that are essential to our overall health and well being. If you have sleep apnea you are not getting enough of either, but treatments can return your life to the proper balance of these important elements.

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