Sleep Apnea? Doctor Can Help!

When your inability to sleep well becomes a big problem you need to see a professional to get help. What may start out as simply feeling sleepy sometimes during the day or disrupted sleep by night because of snoring can develop into sleep breathing disorders such as sleep apnea, which can pose a serious risk to your health.

If you are experiencing a feeling of not being well rested, even after adequate hours asleep or sleep restlessly and find yourself feeling sleepy during the day you may have this disorder. It is important to go and see your doctor about it so that you can be evaluated and it can be determined whether or not you have the disorder.

You might want to first see your primary care doctor, or look at your insurance to determine the best course of action. Your doctor can give you a check up and determine if there are not other causes for your sleep problems, but then she may refer you to a sleep apnea doctor.

A sleep specialist can run a test on you during your sleep called a polysomnogram. This is a test that records your heart rate, brain activity, eye and muscle movements and your breathing while you sleep. Of particular concern in identifying sleep apnea doctors will look at your respiration.

You may have the counsel of a sleep apnea doctor to help you know what you can do to reduce or eliminate your problem. Apart from lifestyle changes, the doctor will likely recommend you use a sleep machine.

A CPAP machine regulates your breathing while you sleep, specifically by opening your airways so they cannot become obstructed and lead to snoring and breaks in breathing. The continuous positive airway pressure makes breathing regularly possible and allows you to get a good night’s rest.

For sleep apnea dentist can also be helpful. This is because it is possible to create more space in your air passage by the positioning of your jaw. A sleep apnea dentist, or one with experience, can create a type of retainer that you wear that keeps your lower jaw forward at night so that structures in your throat are less likely to collapse.

A sleep apnea doctor may also recommend singing exercises to help develop the muscles supporting structures in your mouth and throat. There are also pillows that help you sleep in the best position for an open airway.

Knowing the best way to treat your sleep apnea is something that a sleep apnea doctor can determine in your individual case. Working together for a solution and possibly with a sleep apnea dentist you can find a solution that will not only allow you to sleep better at night and improve your well being during the day, but it will also bring down your increased risk of stroke or heart attack!

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